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Welcome to the David's Superhero TV Universe (Fan-Made), this wiki features fan-made crossovers, potential tv series, and more stuff that are Fan-Made and NOT REAL.

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Pages created so far

Attack of SpikeAttackedBang
Battle For The ListBattle of The DronesBionic Action Heroes
Bionic Dog DayBionic NightmareBionic Rebellion
BlindsidedChase and Max vs. Bree and PhoebeControlling The Power
David's Superhero TV Universe WikiDude, Who Left Us Behind?Follow The Leader
Game of DronesHave Some TeamworkHenry Danger: Elite Force
Home Sweet HomeHouseholdHunting For The Rock
IntruderIntruder In The HouseJax of the House
Love PotionMake Way For The Clutch
Meet The ClutchMission MadnessPilot (Jax)
Power TroubleRaven in the HouseReturn of The Shapeshifters
Season 1 (Household)Season 1 (Jax)Season 1 (Mighty Rats: Elite Force)
Season 1 (My Name is Teddy Davis)Season 1 (The Elite Force)Season 2 (Mighty Rats: Elite Force)
Season 2 (The Elite Force)Season 4 (DC's Legends of Tomorrow)Season 4 (Lab Rats: Bionic Heroes)
Season 8 (Arrow)Sheep-ShiftingSheep For A Day
Simulation ManipulationSo, Uh These Are The Doctors?So, Uh This Is The Elite Force?
Spike's BackSpike vs SpiketteSuperpowers vs Bionics
Tasha Doesn't Know BestThe ArcturionThe Code of Being a Superhero
The Code of SuperheroesThe Exoskeleton RampageThe Fun of Having Powers
The Man With The GunThe Mighty Rats Are BackThe Origin of Jax Anderson
The PartyThe Power PlayThe Replacements
The Rise of The Elite ForceThe SiegeThe Sneak Attack
The Space Elevator ProjectThe Superhero ListThe Thundermans: Elite Force
The Unwanted GuestThe Wrath of SpikeThey Grow Up So Fast
TyroneWelcome To CalderaWelcome To Spider Island
What’s Going To Work? Teamwork!When They Grow Up So FastWhich Hero is Which?
Who's Perry?Who's The Fastest?Who's The Leader?
Would You Wrather Have a Crossover With The Stones?You've Been Blast WaveYou Are One Of Us
You Think Your Faster Than Me?
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